"I like to dream. I like to fantasize, of objects I saw previously or things I experienced, of how to present them as new objects. I like to look at things and get inspired. My works are created out of these inspirations. Crafted through series of research, problem seeking and exploration, my ideas reflect my preceding contemplations."

Auzie Triratnamurti

1979 Born in Bogor, Indonesia
1997 LIA Foundation summer course grantee at the Global Youth Institute Des Moines, US
2000 SIF visiting scholar at School of Architecture National University of Singapore
2002 Graduated with Bachelor's degree in Architecture, University of Indonesia
2002 Assistant Architect at RDA, Jakarta
2003-2005 Junior Architect at Oxide Design and Associates, Jakarta
2002-2005 Teaching Assistant for Bachelor program in Architecture, University of Indonesia
2005 StuNed Neso-Nuffic scholar for Master study in the Netherlands
2007 Graduated with Master’s degree in Architecture, Technical University Delft
2008-2009 Junior Architect at VHP s+a+l / Royal Haskoning, Rotterdam
2010 Assistant Designer at Van den Berg Kruisheer Elffers Architects, Rotterdam
2011-present Founder and Architect at atelier auzie in The Hague
2011 Guest Lecturer for Architecture Bachelor students, University of Indonesia

2006 Nomination for P-West 2020 Competition, Dortmund
2011 2nd prize for MRC Building of University Indonesia Competition, Jakarta